Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Quinolone Vigilance Foundation honors WSB-TV reporter Jim Strickland

Quinolone Vigilance Foundation honors reporter Jim Strickland and his team from WSB-TV. Pictured are Producer Kellie Burkett (right), Jim Strickland (center) and Photographer/Editor Leah Dunn (left) who worked very hard on the Atlanta news story which featured QVF Ambassador Kathy Dannelly, QVF Assistant Director Donna Schutz and floxie Jeff Stephens. 
Kathy Dannelly began working with WSB-TV on that story since June 2013.. Reporter Jim Strickland began working with us in October 2014. The original news segment was filmed in December 2014.

Kellie, Jim, and Leah did an excellent job. In addition to telling Chris Dannelly's and Jeff Stephens's stories in the original story, WSB aired two follow-up stories. The station told us that the original story is the biggest story in the last two years for the station, and that it was shared on social media over 5 million times. To date, it is the most shared and most popular story about Fluoroquinolone Toxicity.

The Atlanta stories were also picked up by other networks throughout the country.

Jim, Kellie, and Leah are a joy to work with. We keep in contact with them regarding other stories which stemmed from the February broadcast. We are proud to be working with them.

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