Thursday, March 26, 2015

FDA testimony

Lisa Bloomquist and I are in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside Washington, DC. Tomorrow we will be testifying at an FDA Hearing in White Oak, Maryland.

This evening, we attended an FDA prep meeting with the American Association for Justice (AAJ). We went over strategy and practiced our testimony in front of everyone who traveled here to testify and the AAJ.

The stories we heard are absolutely heartbreaking.

This is Lisa practicing her testimony at the dinner meeting. She did an awesome job and she will do a great job tomorrow.

This is me practicing my testimony.

QVF Richmond, Virginia Ambassador Jonathan Furman traveled here to support Lisa and I.

This is me, Jonathan, and Lisa after the dinner meeting.

The FDA Hearing tomorrow will be live streamed. Lisa is scheduled to testify at 8:30AM (Eastern Time). Mine is scheduled for 3:50PM.

To watch it live click here. Follow the link under Webcast.

The FDA Hearing is not specifically for fluoroquinolones. It is about generic drug makers not being held accountable for the damage their medications cause and protecting the public. This hearing is very important because it could overturn the Pliva v. Mensing Supreme Court decision.

Generic drug makers will also be testifying and both sides will be represented. The American Association for Justice told us this evening that victims will outnumber the generic drug makers at the hearing tomorrow.

Listening to the stories of others who have been injured, they are absolutely heartbreaking and will have a powerful impact.

Lisa and I are here not only to tell our stories, but also tell the stories of others. I wish we could tell everyone's story but unfortunately we can't. Lisa was affected herself, as was I. I took both brand name Levaquin in 2006 (there was an error in our press release that we are working on correcting) and was given levofloxacin years later while in the hospital without my knowledge or consent. I learned of it after reading my medical records.

 If the FDA rule passes as it is currently written, it's a victory for everyone who has been harmed by a generic medication.

Wish us luck!

-Rachel Brummert
President/Executive Director
Quinolone Vigilance Foundation

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