Monday, November 9, 2015

QVF honors WRIC reporter Kerri O'Brien

The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation honors WRIC-TV reporter Kerri O'Brien for her continuing coverage on the dangers of fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

Ms. O'Brien began covering fluoroquinolones in March 2015 when QVF Ambassador Jonathan Furman reached out to her. She interviewed Mr. Furman and QVF Executive Director Rachel Brummert for a story which aired on April 23.

You can watch the story here.
The first video is the short verson; the second video is the long version.


Ms. O'Brien is so passionate about warning others about fluoroquinolones that she hands out Quinolone Vigilance Foundation brochures at work and in her neighborhood.

On November 4th, Ms. O'Brien interviewed Rachel Brummert and Josh Rivedal about their upcoming book The i'Mpossible Project: Reengaging with Life, Creating a New You.

You can watch the story here. 

Ms. Brummert shares her story in the book about becoming disabled after taking Levaquin and how she is now helping others. She was also interviewed about testifying at an FDA hearing on fluoroquinolones, which was taking place the following day.

Ms. O'Brien covered the FDA hearing on November 5. Ms. Brummert and QVF Ambassador Jonathan Furman testified in front of the FDA panel urging the FDA to strengthen warnings and protect patients from dangerous fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

Thank you Kerri O'Brien for reporting on the dangers of fluoroquinolone antibiotics and for helping the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation raise vital awareness. We appreciate all your hard work.

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