Thursday, June 11, 2015

Remembering Robert Grozier

One year ago today, we received the devastating news that Bob Grozier passed away.

Bob was well known in the fluoroquinolone community. Despite his own suffering, he selflessly helped victims of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity and became a beacon to guide victims who felt lost.

He took Cipro in 2002. What happened next began a twelve year nightmare for him and his family.

It started with ringing in his ears. Then it took a darker turn with psychosis, severe pain, and brain damage, to name a few.

Bob put together a powerful YouTube video. We caution viewers that the video is hard to watch. However, it shows the reality of what fluoroquinolone antibiotics can do. Viewer discretion is advised. Click here to watch.

He was a software adviser for over 20 years. He lost his job, his marriage, his home, and his health because he went to the doctor and was prescribed fluoroquinolone antibiotcs which are associated with very serious adverse reactions.

Bob was 55 years old when he died. He was predeceased by his father and a brother. He leaves behind his mother, daughter, sister, brother, and family and friends who miss him very much.

We continue to raise awareness and advocate for others so that what happened to Bob doesn't happen to someone else. Our thoughts are with the Grozier family today and every day.

 Robert Grozier II, 1959-2014

To honor his memory, we put together a video. We thank the Grozier family for showing us photos, documents, and personal accounts for the video.

For more information about the antibiotics that killed him and thousands of others visit 

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