Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Official Statement From QVF about Dr Angela Stanton

Yesterday afternoon, it was called to our attention that Dr. Angela Stanton submitted a Citizens Petition to the FDA on our behalf without our knowledge or consent. While we acknowledge that Dr. Stanton's heart was in the right place and we appreciate that she took action on behalf of quinolone victims, what she did was, in fact, illegal. Dr. Stanton has no affiliation with us whatsoever and she misrepresented herself and QVF with her actions.

What is the big deal?

It's many things. We are a legally registered non-profit corporation, subject to Federal regulation, as well as our own regulations and protocols for our actions, publications, and support of projects. No individual, whether affiliated with QVF or not (and Dr. Stanton admits she has NO affiliation with us) may speak for or submit anything in our name or on our behalf without first contacting us and seeking approval.

Dr Stanton has chosen to continue posting -on her blog site and her Facebook page- false information regarding her relationship to QVF, the function and projects supported by QVF even after being advised that her comments and actions were fraudulent, illegal, negligent and irresponsible. While she states she was “forced” to retract her submission of the petition to the FDA, she did so of her own accord upon advisement of the fraudulent nature of that submission.

We apologize for the drama that her postings have caused. We are working hard to rectify this tragic and unsettling sequence of events.

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