Friday, September 5, 2014

Remembering Robert Grozier

Written by: Rachel Brummert on June 14, 2014

I have been thinking about Bob Grozier a lot today to the point where it's haunting me. I don't know if it's because it's all sinking in that fluoroquinolones can KILL, and it killed someone we all adored. Maybe it's because I know that I have every intention of attending his viewing and funeral next week as soon as I get all the information about it. I feel someone should be there to represent the community. I know I have to face his family- his mother, his daughter. How do I express our sorrow when they are suffering more than I can even imagine? We spent endless days praying for him, begging God to help him, to get any relief from his suffering. His death wasn't what we had in mind. I know he isn't suffering anymore but that doesn't make this any easier.

Is it because those of us who are sick and disabled from this stuff have to face our own mortality? I don't know. I have no answers that make any of us feel better.

For those who don't know, Bob passed away on June 11, 2014. Bob was well known in the fluoroquinolone community, and his loss left a void that can never be filled. Despite his immeasurable suffering, he was there for everyone who needed him. He was one of the good guys and he fought so hard. He was one of the first people I connected with once I started getting involved with the fluoroquinolone community.

Here is a video he made. Warning: It's hard to watch:

Those of us in the fluoroquinolone community have seen it, but since this is going on both the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation page and my personal page, there are those who have never seen it.

As President and Executive Director of Quinolone Vigilance Foundation, I feel I have to make some kind of statement. I'm having a hard time putting what I want to say into words.

Bob's loss is a great one. We will grieve. But, in a way, it just makes us want to fight harder. This should never have happened to him, or to any of us. We will fight with greater resolve. That is a promise. We are acutely aware that the fluoroquinolone community counts on us to get things changed, to help them recover, to push for research that will explain why this happens, and what we can do to reverse it.

We will continue to do this important work that we have been doing, and with greater resolve.

For Bob.

-Rachel Brummert
Executive Director
Quinolone Vigilance Foundation

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